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        Starting out as a high school student who aspired to be a sports agent, Justin Hunt went on to work as a salary cap administrator in an NFL team's front office and serve as a sports agent and attorney for professional athletes and coaches. Justin learned firsthand that sports is a relationships game, and he relied on the lessons he learned while networking with industry executives to develop his own networking plan outlined in this book. 

      From Mascot To Agent highlights the careers of 11 high-level executives occupying very different roles in the sports industry. Justin met individually with his contributors to obtain their career advice and gain an understanding of each role's duties and responsibilities. With this information and the detailed steps outlined in Justin's ASSESS, DEVELOP, IMPLEMENT approach to networking, you will learn to:

  • Conduct a self-assessment to identify which positions in the industry align with your greatest strengths; 

  • Develop a networking plan that targets industry executives in a position to help you succeed;

  • Connect with these professionals and make them more inclined to assist in your pursuit of a career in sports.

     From Mascot To Agent looks at what may be perceived as unrealistic, unobtainable positions in sports and offers a strategic, realistic action plan to launch your career in sports and secure the positions of your dreams.

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