Executive Coaching
The media reports that the Big Four sports leagues generated $24.5 billion in revenues in calendar year 2015. The owners of these organization profit handsomely, so the same should be true for the executives that run these businesses. J.H. Strategists works with its clients to better understand the market, drive revenues, and identify the proper value of industry executives.
Professional Representation
J.H. Strategists specializes in contract negotiations for professionals athletes, coaches and executives in the Big Four.
Networking is an art. Too little and it doesn't work. Too much and, likewise, it doesn't work. J.H. Strategists offers guidance to help aspiring professionals connect with the right people, at the right time, in the right way.
Career Transition
A career change is very scary. It is something many professionals experience. But in order to be successful with a career transition, you need an established plan of attack. A successful business requires a strong business plan. Similarly, a successful career transition requires a strong plan of attack. Based on proven success in this area, J.H. Strategists assists professionals with the development of their career transition plan and everything associated with a career change.
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